Happy Thanksgiving….

To all my temp-tationistas out there, and I consider that all of you who read this…I just wanted to say on a long list of things I am grateful for this season you have truly been a source of great joy and happiness! I am not quite sure you will ever realize the impact hearing from all of you has on me – we are connected not only through temp-tations but the stories and moments we all share together here on this page….by the way I was on temp-tationistas anonymous and some of your hutches and displays are just… AWESOME! I was thinking it would be fun to some how compile all of them and show them here on the site…sounds like another job for Matt along with putting up new patterns to vote on…ah all the ideas – sometimes I exhaust myself :)

Well hopefully you are enjoying all your new goodies that I have been showing recently – have to say that folding hostess  table came out absolutely beautiful – hope everyone finds it easy to use.  I promised I would tell you when the double walled old world travel mugs would be on….yup this weekend – looks like 4pm EST on 11/27 and 12 Noon EST in the kitchen with David on 11/28 – all come in gift boxes – think they came out great! Some more inside scoop – looks like tentatively, a new hour will be added on 12/5 at 7am, it is different in your program guide so just a heads up…

Mom is coming down tomorrow through Monday with her turkey and all the fixings – I am already full just thinking about it…! Would love to hear what all of you are thankful for this season if you could take a minute – I am blessed with a wonderful family, great friends (see my first paragraph) and hopefully a few quarters…


Big show tonight at 6pm – 2 ne…

Big show tonight at 6pm – 2 new old world items – wine bag and collapsible table :)

Just checking in…

Hello my friends – it has certainly been a busy couple of weeks – hopefully I keep coming up with ideas to make your life easier or at least to gift and make that persons life easier. I have been working on a lot of new designs and trying to incorporate all of your wonderful suggestions…so I know there are some outstanding requests that I would like to answer…

Yes Travel mugs should be out the first week of Dec – I will tweet or blog to let you know when we have a final date and some very exciting new items in both polka dot and old world…hey speaking of that how did you like offering two patterns on the last Todays Special Value – that has been a big request of yours and I was wondering what you thought!

Yes I have a gravy boat/butter dish coming out the first half of 2011 along with the most adorable egg tray ever! I finished up an apron in a fabric gift box – perfect mom’s day gift however my mom already has hers – one of the benefits of knowing the designer ha ha – she gets to be my “test center” on a lot of things….I just gave her this shallow baker with fabulous dome lid, she roasted a chicken and raved about it – that dome can flip over to be a bowl – pretty cool – you will see that in 2011 as well.

I know you are saying forget about 2011 what can I have now…I promise lots of fun new things on the horizon. Once I know when we have a date to launch I will keep you posted.

So Thanksgiving is right around the corner – Mom is going to come down and cook for me – gotta love her and a few of the QVC folks are joining us – it’s going to be tough without my dad – first holiday and one of his absolute favorites – blessings to all we have, blessing to all of you and your extraordinary hearts – not quite sure you will ever know how hearing from you -especially my fashionistas, means to me and I am continually fascinated to get stopped at the mall, airport etc and someone tell me how much they love temp-tations – WOW and WOW that is awesome and renders me usually speechless which to know me, is a huge deal.

Spoke to my BFF Amy, must go order some princess canopy for the my God daughter – she turns 6 in December…she calls me her “fairy godmother” gotta love kids

Having a fun day at the Q – la…

Having a fun day at the Q – launching floral lace dinnerware at 9pm EST – don’t wait not many to go around!

Putting the finishing touches on the upcoming Today’s Special Value

Hello to all you temp-tationistas out there – have I told you how much I love that expression – I think I have used it about 100 times since hearing it…yeah you are probably right, that might be underestimating it a bit – more like 1000 times :) I have truly enjoyed the facebook site and love to see the way you all display your pieces – I have gotten great ideas on some of the new concepts and pieces you would like to add to your collection – be sure to tune in at midnight on 10/28, I am sending you all a shout out!

Hope you all enjoyed the 24 hour cookevent QVC just recently had – I know many wanted to see more new in Old World – I think you will be pleasantly surprised on the 28th – not only the TSV but also other items through out the day – 4 hours of total programming and in the 9pm show I will be debuting my new food line.  I worked on 3 recipes that mom always made and recreated them – I am so excited for you to try these…think decadent mac & cheese, a fabulous appetizer and of course crisp apple goodness that you can cook and serve in your temp-tations!!

As for the Todays Special Value I could not be more excited – I think it is the perfect (and affordable) gift to others and of course to yourself – I really put my design skills to the test on this one.  Just finished up the B-roll at the Q the other day and set styling etc – so much goes into the preparation of how it all looks and being a total type A personality – It has to be perfect…now starts the stress of what to wear – aren’t we funny – leave nothing to chance…I CANNOT wait to hear what you think..of course I am nervous – I always want to exceed your expectations.

Thank you friends for keeping me going, for picking me up when I am having a bad day and for genuinely making me smile…going home to spend the weekend with mom – think both of us are in need of a little mom/daughter time, my dad was just such a force that he’s missed in even the littlest things – its times like these around big events and event days at the Q that we would chat endlessly and he would make me laugh and put all in perspective… I could really use a QUARTER right now :)

Can’t wait to spend the 28th with you!  XOXO Tara

Exclusive temp-tations pattern…

Exclusive temp-tations patterns up on qvc.com – not available on air yet

temp-tations anonymous & temp-tationistas….

Hello my friends…I could not go into the weekend without telling what a smile this has put on my face! Thank you for all your encouragement, kind words and support – you guys have me laughing out loud and I did go on facebook and read all the posts! I hope I can bring the same joy into your lives and I hope I can keep exceeding your expectations with temp-tations! You guys ROCK!


Fall is here…but it’s still 80+ degrees….

Hi Everyone – long time since I have had a chance to chat with all of you…completely my fault, I have been so incredibly busy and for some reason having a really hard time multi tasking – does that ever happen to you, you have so much to do that you just sit there and do not do anything? – UGH!   I did want to take a moment to tell you how over whelmed I was by all of your stories regarding “quarter” visits and the like from passed loved ones – it’s amazing to me how so many people have the same experiences and how they shape and define your life – thank you truly for sharing them with me!

So went to Laguna Beach in California at the end of August with my BFF Amy – really had a nice relaxing 4 day visit – she lives in Colorado with my God children so we don’t get to see each other a lot – we talk I think almost every day on the phone – love friends like that, we never run out of things to say.  Just returned from a 10 day visit with my manufacturers working on all the new creations, patterns and fun new ideas I cannot wait to share with all of you – I am exhausted.  You guys are just incredible – you give me so much inspiration – I love hearing from you, talking to you on air – I am truly blessed and hope you know I read everything and I am constantly looking for your feedback – good or bad!

With that said…what’s new…well  I have a very busy October – QVC’s cook even is 10/17 and I have (3) 1 hour shows – lots of new and as we get closer I will fill you in on the details like I always do. Right now the powers to be are sorting through all the new ideas and working on putting together the shows…I also have a Today’s Special Value on 10/28 along with (4) 1 hour shows – the Today’s Special Value is incredible – I am so excited about this I think my head might pop off….It is the perfect gift for you or to gift to someone you love – truly! I did a fabulous set of 4 hand painted stoneware travel mugs in old world with a silicone sleeve and top- all in their own gift boxes – love this, been using mine constantly – aprons, textiles, cookie jars etc…don’t want to spoil too much of it but I will keep you posted..

Well stay close and keep sending me your requests…Happy Fall my friends…

About to launch a brand new pa…

About to launch a brand new pattern – Monaco in Davids show around 1pm EST :)

Setting the perfect table

Good Morning everyone…today was my day to sleep in a bit since In the Kitchen with David (hosted by Marybeth today) doesn’t start until 1pm however my eyes of course popped open at 6am – I hear sleep is overrated.  Must motivate to go for a run – I actually find I am my most creative while I am running and can sort out a lot of what  is on my mind – what does that for all of you?

Took my dear friend and program host Shawn Killinger to the airport for her vacation to Greece -wow can you imagine how spectacular that must be – can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.  I am truly blessed to not only work with these incredibly talented people but the friendships we have created are genuine and so fulfilling –  speaking of fulfilling a group of us including Shawn got together to see Eat, Pray, Love – if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s worth it – I loved it!

The 9pm show tonight is incredible  and I am in the 1pm David show today as well – I am really excited for both! The dinnerware H13604 is back and I added black and confetti because your requests were becoming hourly – ha ha – I love that by the way, I love that I can hear directly from all of  you what you would like, even what you don’t like helps me so much in the creative process.  The 16 pc set K27938 is back in stock -that is the only set in the entire collection that has the 13 x 9 dish- I actually love this set and think its a no brainer if you are just getting started, adding to your collection or gifting temp-tations.

Story I must share…my father who most you know passed away this February 11th was a huge collector of coins, more specifically he collected all of the new state quarters.  Towards the end on hospice his movement was to a minimum but he so wanted me to understand the collection and share it with me – he was waiting for the final quarter to arrive which ironically was Hawaii – his favorite place on earth!  Anyway we would spend hours pouring over all the coins and I would patiently listen and drink in all he told me, after all this was part of his legacy.  I told him to leave me a quarter from time to time to let me know he was with me…I have now received my 4th quarter – the first one was only two weeks after he had passed and I was getting ready to launch a Todays Special Value on the Q which is always stressful and he used to get so excited to talk to me about it  and of course to watch…I was really missing all of that and  was out to dinner with my mom and as we were getting ready to leave to head to the studio when I heard a clang on the ground,  I looked down and in the middle of the crowded restaurant there it was..a beautiful shiny quarter – just for me.  The way I felt that night and the way I have felt each time it happens since is indescribable…I tell you this   because life is good even when things are so incredibly hard and you can’t figure out why you are in some of the situations you are in,  have faith – believe that good will always come of it and it will. I look forward to sharing with you, my family, each time I am blessed by a quarter.

Ok…lacing up my sneakers – speaking with all of you motivated me to go for my run :) See you at 1pm…

ps – the Hawaii quarter, the last of his collection, came a week before he passed!

XOXO – Tara

Pls tune in at 1pm and 9pm for…

Pls tune in at 1pm and 9pm for the launch of my dinnerware in black and confetti!

What’s everyone making in temp…

What’s everyone making in temp-tations tonight?

About to sell floral lace 1.5q…

About to sell floral lace 1.5qt with FREE shipping and handling :) 8:40 EST

Blogged today but want to ment…

Blogged today but want to mention 2 new colors for polka dot. Brown and green :)

Count down to 8/5…Nerves in full swing

Hello to my wonderful temp-tations family…Can you believe it is already August – the summer is flying by and that to me is always bittersweet.  Don’t get me wrong I do love fall and winter (well really only fall – maybe the first snow in winter) but there is something so invigorating about the warm weather – long walks, car windows down – running outside – glorious!  Getting very excited for the end of August, twice a year my BFF Amy and I try to take a quick 3-4 day vacation together, she lives in Colorado and I love to visit however this year we are going to California – Yay!!! Think I have shared with you that her daughter Gracyn is my God daughter so I will fly out spend a day with the kids, spoil them rotten like a good auntie :)  then Amy and I will fly out the next day…

Once I get back the stress returns – twice a year I have two huge product presentations with QVC where I present all my thoughts and ideas for the upcoming year 2011!  I have been working non stop on new patterns, new concepts and new pieces to add to your collection of  the already loved patterns you adorn your table with.  I love designing, it is one of my favorite parts but when I hear from you and you share your experience that is my absolute  favorite.  Been thinking it would be fun to post a few new patterns and have all of you vote on your favorites – sound weird? I just think it would be fun, you give me so many great suggestions all the time and I am constantly incorporating them…hmmm gotta talk to Matt who helped me design this page and see what our options are…

Ok so the real reason you check in is not really to hear me ramble on about an upcoming vacay, washer and dryer mishaps or even my movie likes and dislikes – speaking of, saw inception when my mom was done for Christmas in July – holy cow that was a good movie but so loud I think I still have ringing in my ears..ok so I digress – anywho back on track – the big Today’s Special Value on 8/5. I have to say, it really is awesome – temp-tations on the go has been so incredibly popular that I wanted to take it to the next level based on everyones suggestions – its 2 bags in 1 -finally a way to transport an entire meal – hot and cold all in one bag..2 great oval polka dot bakers – never have done oval in this collection yet and probably most requested shape – launch of see thru storage covers, silicone handled stainless steel utincils and so much more..perfect for “on the go” or “on your table” wait till you see the colors and two new to the polka dot family!  I have (4) 1 hour shows that day – midnight, 10am (all polka dot hour including the dinnerware – only show of the day featuring it and not many to go around so if you are thinking about it, don’t wait), 3pm and 8pm.  I am bursting to share this with you and hope it exceeds all your expectations…you guys ROCK!

Blessing and a big XO


Getting ready…

Getting ready for the Polka Dot Todays Special Value on 8/5 :)

Drum roll please….

Busy, busy as I am sure you all are…why is it that the summer seems to wiz by while the mounds of snow keep piling up in the winter and the minutes tick by like hours? I find myself looking forward to various things over the next two months and literally wishing time away…not good- my yoga practice would tell me to focus on the here and now and that everything is as it should be…speaking of that…

Did anyone know it would be so complicated to have a washer and dryer delivered and installed? – UGH this is now the third time people have been out to set it up and failed…off to the neighbors to do some laundry I guess – if you see me wearing the same clothes on air you will know why 😉  If things are as they should be apparently this is a lesson in patience…

On the patience note… went to the beach for a few days over the holiday weekend and got to spend it with friends, one of which has a 2 1/2 year old adorable daughter – but I now fully understand why they say the “terrible” 2’s…I had the pleasure of being hit in the eye with a stuffed dumbo animal when I wasn’t looking – foolish me – pay attention Ta-wa :) I love that she calls me that and I love her take charge attitude – she will take over the world one day for sure!

Why the drum roll- the long awaited glassware should be in launching in my show on 7/14 and great news, got word today they are probably going to make this a 2 hour show at 7pm EST…so buckle up that’s a lot of temp-tations talk with none other then the host of the show…David Venable :)Yippee – he’s so great to work with, honestly they all are, truly a wonderful group to work with…so I hope to see you there…I am also working on a butter dish, gravy boat, napkin holders and so much more…please keep your wishes coming – I will try to address them all…blessings to all of you and thank you for taking time out of your busy life to spend a few minutes with me :)



Summertime is definitely here….

Wow is it hot out – definitely not complaining but have reached into the memory banks for some snow storms to try and cool off – the power of mind, fascinating thing!

So since we last spoke I have been on a whirlwind with my mom.  I had told many of you that I was planning a cruise with her – a little relaxation coupled with some much needed alone/healing time and I am happy to report… we conquered all of the above.  We did a Mediterranean cruise that went through Italy, France and Spain – absolutely some of the most beautiful sights in the world and charming people along the way.  I have to say I think my favorite although I am sure it sounds cliche , was the Vatican and Sistine Chapel – I stood there in total amazement and was truly overwhelmed by all there was to see.  Mom had the time of her life and I think I heard her ask various people to “pinch” her because she thought she was dreaming – isn’t that the best! I absolutely love sharing something with someone that changes their or your life…Speaking of changing my life, I was honored by being in the delivery room of one of the my God children, Brodie and I will say that moment changed my life for sure!!

temp-tations too has changed my life as well and meeting all of you has just been a total highlight in my life – thank you to all you members of the temp-tations family!  So I know you want to know what’s new and coming up (geez is that all you like me for :) ….So by popular request, there will be a polka dot TSV in August…shhhhhhh! and a lot of new polka dot items to compliment it so think dinnerware (yippee), soup and sandwich sets, mugs and plates in gift boxes, tea sets and dots more…ha ha!  The old world glassware is arriving as we speak so I would expect to see that shortly and I have to admit, its even better then I could have imagined…busy, busy these next few weeks so stay tuned and keep your suggestions coming – I read every single post on here and try to incorporate your vision with mine…

Stay cool and be happy – Blessings – Tara

My Dogwood is blooming…

So after a very harsh winter I was convinced that my dogwood tree had seen it’s last spring- I am happy to report there are buds on it – can’t help but look up to thank Dad for that one! So the craziness of work continues, the back and forth from NY to PA starts to wear on me a bit but I truly love what I do and how nice not to do it in the snow for a while.  I am heading off to see my best friend Amy and her family in Colorado for a few days – we talk a thousand times a day and never struggle for words – truly a blessing to have a friend like her.  Amy has two of the most adorable children who of course I spoil rotten and laugh when they are being disciplined – not sure why but I am that “Aunt” that needs to leave the room when tempers flare..,seeing your friends as “parents” can sometimes catch you off guard…still I must say being a parent must be truly one the of greatest joys and my hats off to all of you.  The bond my mother and I have is one that continues to grow and evolve everyday – she’s amazing.  As some of you know we lost my dad this February so we are slowly healing, slowly adding some “normal” back in to our lives – as mom says “everything is just different” and it really is.  We both planned a cruise in May together – something for the both of us to look forward to and to plan – it’s important to keep moving forward – as a good friend of mine says – close your eyes and just take that step.  So I love yoga, actually it’s become almost somewhat of an obsession for me – I love the whole experience – the way I feel physically and emotionally – I love the idea that everything in your life “is as it should be” and that you can be the change you want in your life. I truly do think like that – overall I am an incredibly positive person – Mom says she and I would be the ones rearranging the deck furniture on the Titanic – I used to laugh at that but now I embrace it…Anybody see the blindside yet? What a fabulous movie that is – inspiring and uplifting – I loved every minute of it – I laughed, I cried and felt all emotions in-between – if you are looking for a honest feel good movie – this is it…so now that I have rambled on and on…you want to hear about temp-tations right :)

To answer a lot of your questions- Yes the polka dot line will be expanding and in a big way – think early August 😉 dinnerware, microfiber towels, insulated totes, soup n sandwich sets and a covered rooster to boot! Yippee, I love this collections…I will also be expanding on floral lace and no worries more old world in black is coming in new and old sets – yes dinnerware and confetti too…I have two hour shows on 4/24 and promise to give you a heads up on what will be in those hours – so fun…so…..what did everyone think of Rustico – have to admit I was pretty proud of myself on that one and was super excited for the launch!! Anyone try my cookbook yet – another proud moment in my temp-tations life – I really encourage you to try it and it does make a great gift…

Ok – so I guess I should get back to work, my emails are piling up and mom is waiting for me – we have a 6pm yoga class….Namaste everyone!

March 21st temp-tations shows on QVC

Hi Everyone – I am super excited about the upcoming shows on Sunday!  I have heard from so many of you regarding expanding your favorite patterns.  I am happy to share that there will be 2 new additions to the polka dot family.  An 11 pc set with the new snap on lids in the 10pm hour and the most adorable set of 3 canisters in the 11am show – do not miss these they are simply adorable.  Additionally for all of you who love Magnolia, I will be featuring in the 10pm show 2 open oval bakers to go with squares you may already own.

For all my Old World lovers the 4pm show will be dedicated to that with lots of new – a 1.5 gallon beverage dispenser, (4) individual covered mini casseroles, an adorable figural salt pig and chicken (choice of) sooooooo cute!! and then all of our favorites from microfiber towels to the breadbox and dinnerware too!

I think you will be happy to see I have incorporated a lot of the requests and suggestions and will continue to do so. I read every comment on this site and love listening to all your feedback. Thank you truly for all your support and Happy St. Patrick’s Day….  See you there…Tara

Leaving the Chicago housewares…

Leaving the Chicago housewares show – great show and breast cancer charity event!

New “Sneak Peek” section to temp-tations.com

Hi Everyone – I will be showing a sneak peek of upcoming products for the 3/21 QVC airings.  Stay tuned, should be on the website by 3/15.  Please let me know after you watch this what you think! I will write more in a bit…

Shooting a sneak peek at what …

Shooting a sneak peek at what I will be sharing w/ you on 3/21 on QVC. 3 shows at 11am, 4pm and 10pm EST. Check out temp-tations.com to see

Thank you from the bottom of my heart…

I cannot begin to tell you how touched I was to hear from all of you.  I found each and every post truly comforting and the true definition of “random acts of kindness” – You took time out of your busy lives to share your stories and give me support – I am so thankful for that. I think of my dad almost every minute of every day — I feel him with me and like so many of you said, I always will.  So again, thank you my friends for reaching out and giving me faith.  I hope you know just how special all of you are and how much your words comforted my family in this time of indescribable loss.

Giving blood right now. My way…

Giving blood right now. My way of giving back a bit…

Working on lots of new ideas a…

Working on lots of new ideas and concepts to add to your collection…3hr shows on 3/21. Hope to see you there – check out temp-tations.com


Hey I just set up a twitter account…stay tuned for updates :)
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February news

Hello everyone – I apologize that it has taken me so long to write.  It has been a crazy month so I thank you for your patience. On February 28th I have a Today’s Special Value – it is very exciting and I know you will all love it.  It is a 16 pc set in the Old World pattern with a 13 x 9 baking dish that you all have been requesting along with a new color, black, to add to the family of colors.  Additionally I will be launching my first ever cookbook that day with over 120 recipes, 50 pictures, family recipes –  and if I can toot my own horn, it came out amazing! Please be sure to tune in at midnight for this and a lot of new items throughout the day.  I will have 5 dedicated hours of temp-tations shows, as well as, throughout the day.  Hope to see you there.

On a more personal note, it is with a very heavy heart and deep sadness that I tell you of the passing of my father after his long battle with Emphysema/COPD. I have so many wonderful memories and my dad truly was the best.  He watched every airing of mine on QVC and it gave him so much joy – he was my biggest fan! The love between a father and a daughter is certainly a unique one, one that will never be replaced.  Dad always pushed me to follow my dreams and always told me I could do anything I set my mind to.  I have been blessed to be his daughter.  I will miss him dearly but I know he will always be with me.

Blessings to all of you, your love and support get me through each and every day!

Happy Holidays and Hope for 2010

Sorry it has been forever since I last wrote – I have been so incredibly busy as I am sure all of you are as well! Well I am happy to say that I have finished most of my Christmas shopping and if I don’t physically have it, I at least have an idea or gift in mind…this is big for me, I am unfortunately that person who has the best intentions but then leaves everything to the last minute and has to pay just as much as the gift for the expedited shipping…maybe that should be one of my new years resolutions – stop delaying! Have not really been able to get into the Christmas spirit so I treated myself to a pedicure and had them paint a snowman on my big toes – that should channel some positive energy…Growing up you should have seen how crazy my dad was about wrapping gifts – we were only allowed to use 3 pieces of tape, one for each corner and the one in the middle – do you know how insanely hard that is yet still to this day I smile every time I make it with just 3 pieces..one year my brother in law wrapped his gift for my dad and proceeded to tape the entire outside of the box..hysterical – sorry Dad but it’s a little nuts! I have so many funny stories about the way we load our dishwasher, unload our dishwasher, use dental floss and don’t even get me started on the toilet paper situation- Dad was in the Army so we never wasted…anything – actually it is a great trait, one I hope to share with my kids some day.

So last minute temp-tations add to the calendar – very excited – 12/21 at 10am with Jill – should be great and the best part – you will receive everything you order that day by Christmas – lots of great items in that show.  After that hoping things will ease up a bit and I will get some quality family time – really need that right now – mom and I are working on a cookbook together, its going to be great!

This will probably be my last post for a bit but I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful year and for all of your support – I have some wonderful things to share with you in 2010 and as you welcome in that year, may it be filled with all the love your heart can hold. Blessings to you and your beautiful families…

A time to be thankful…

It is so easy to get caught up in everything that happens in our lives on a day to day basis but it is this time of the year that I am most thankful for.  This is the time where I find myself reflecting on all the wonderful things I have been blessed with.  I have the most amazing family and I am thankful that I have yet another Thanksgiving with my father – we have been told year to year by medical doctors, hospice and the like that he wouldn’t make another one…well here we are – he has a force and strength I can’t explain – just thankful to still be able to kiss, hug and love him!

I am thankful that I created temp-tations and have been able to share it with all of you – this has brought me so much joy. I am thankful to be welcomed into your home and that  you give my dishes top honor – a place on your table that you share with all of your loved ones.

May you all have a blessed holiday full of all the love your heart can hold and if you would like to respond to this blog I would love to hear what you are thankful for.