temp-tations® Snowflake Mugs – Show Me Your “Mug Shot”

This holiday season, celebrate with friends and family by saying “cheers” to the perfect holiday gift: generously-sized mugs, only available at the temp-tations Marketplace.

One of my favorite holiday pastimes is sharing hot cocoa or apple cider with friends and family on cold winter evenings. And here’s my “mug shot” to prove it 😉

So, now it’s your turn! Show me your holiday “mug shot” 😉 That way, we can say “cheers” to each other from across the miles.

Here’s how to do it:
1) Shop for the Exclusive Snowflake Mugs Set today, and save 15% when you buy two or more sets!* (Additional sets make great gifts for family, friends, teachers, neighbors, and any one else who could enjoy a little extra warmth this holiday season.)
2) Give the Snowflake Mugs to someone special.
3) Take a photo saying “cheers” with the mugs.
4) Post your “mug shot” to my Facebook page.

We’ll gather the photos together and create a wonderful collection of “mug shots” here on temp-tations.com! It’s a fun way to say cheers to each other, to the holiday season, and to a happy new year. What better way to share the holiday spirit.

Need more holiday gift ideas?

Don’t miss out on these must-have, retired Specialty Items brought back in limited quantities. They’re new arrivals!

You’ll love the generously-sized Heritage 5-pc. Bowl Set, the Trellis 9-pc. Oven-to-Table Set, the adorable Polka Dot Heart-Shaped Plate and Mug Set (so fun!) and the Williamsburg Set of 3 Octagonal Batter Bowls.

*Savings of 15% when you buy two or more sets of Snowflake Mugs applies only to multiple sets of Snowflake Mugs purchased within the same order.

Holiday Feasts: The Guest List

It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays and planning your holiday feasts. It’s such a wonderful time to spend with loved ones, making memories and reconnecting with each other over special meals.

I like to start by making guest lists – whether they’re made up of friends or family, or a nice combination of both. Maybe there’s someone different you’d like to include this year – someone who isn’t able to join their own family out of town or is new to your neighborhood? Extending ourselves and showing hospitality to others helps us count our blessings, make new friends and show gratitude. It really does warm the heart :)

Get the inside scoop on my new temp-tations® 16-pc. Outdoor Dinnerware Set from someone who has put it to the test.

My friend Julie is one of our web producers, and here’s what she has to say about the new TT melamine outdoor dinnerware set 😉

Check out her beautiful pics and comments below.

Julie: “I bought the brown Old World and brown Polka Dot for myself, and gave the yellow Old World to my mom – so that we could share, as well as mix and match. They look so fresh and fun together. Can’t wait to use it all summer long and beyond.”

Julie: “I love big salads with everything in them but the kitchen sink. The more colorful, the better – kinda like my TTs :) In this one, I combined romaine lettuce with edamame, shaved carrot, cherry tomatoes, red onion, purple cabbage, and yellow bell pepper for a beautiful look and great, crunchy texture. And I really appreciate that the plates and bowls are so generously sized.”

Julie: “TT melamine, as modeled by my 7 year old, who is about to devour Flatbread with Parmesan & Honey. I love that it’s so kid-friendly, no matter how many times he drops it. Can’t wait to get rid of my mish-mash collection of kiddie-style plastic plates and bowls and just use this.”

Julie: “Really enjoyed our delicious family BBQ – especially the Grilled Chicken & Veggie Kabobs and Tara’s Mo’ Rockin’ Casserole from her new cookbook. (It’s Israeli couscous with apricots, cranberries, and almonds. Note: I didn’t have dried apricots, so I substituted apple!) Yum. Everyone served themselves, visited with each other, and mingled – which was easy because the plates are so lightweight and effortless to carry. I’m already thinking about all the casual buffet-style parties I’m going to host where these dishes will work beautifully – holiday lunch buffets, football parties, pizza parties, playdates and more.”

(Note: See Tara’s Mo’ Rockin’ Casserole from her new cookbook below. Sooooo good.)

Shop for the Old World or Polka Dot 16-pc. Outdoor Dinnerware Set today.

Christmas in July

Happy Christmas in July – can’t wait to show you the new polka dot mugs and new items in the snowflake pattern you love tomorrow..Just wanted to give you a better look at the upcoming Todays Special Value- I am so excited and just learned we will start our 2 hour show at 11pm on 7/26 then go straight into the TSV at midnight on the 27th and guess who my host for the two big hours will be..yup you guessed it…DAVID – so excited!

Join Temp-tations on QVC: July…

Join Temp-tations on QVC: July 27th – http://eepurl.com/eTANQ

Clearance price old world lunc…

Clearance price old world lunch totes at 12:10 EST today and Free shipping on our largest polka dot set – 2pm ish EST today – yippee!

Tune in at 10:30pm “ish” to se…

Tune in at 10:30pm “ish” to see a brand new vintage paisley!! So excited…Cucina is on at 10pm

Getting ready for a big 4th of…

Getting ready for a big 4th of July par-tay!!happy 4th everyone

Please follow me on face book …

Please follow me on face book – temp-tations by Tara McConnell – I am much better at updating that :)

Great news they just added a o…

Great news they just added a one time only to the 5pm EST show tonight – single piece – amazing buy more and save!

Having a great time at the Asp…

Having a great time at the Aspen Food and Wine Festival – excited for the big show tomorrow – new old world item!

Getting ready for the big 8pm …

Getting ready for the big 8pm show today – introducing a brand new pattern and I am obsessed!

2 great new items on tonight a…

2 great new items on tonight at 7pm EST during my 1 hour show – new old world shapes and floral embroidery is back! See you thereB

Old world 3 pc convertible set…

Old world 3 pc convertible set on in about 10 minutes…

Summer shells on at 6:30 EST t…

Summer shells on at 6:30 EST tonight on CLEARANCE!!!don’t miss it

I finally did it – Please foll…

I finally did it – Please follow me on facebook- Temp-tations by Tara McConnell :) hope to see you there

Counting down to a big cooking on Q day….

Hello temp-tationistas – I am working on getting everything ready for the big day – March 27th is rapidly approaching and in addition to being the today’s special value I will also have 4 hours worth of shows with lots of new! Of course once I know what is going to be in the shows I will be sure to have Matt put it up on this site.  Thank you for all of your posts and requests for new ideas – I try to work them all into the family of product.  I have been very busy getting my new designs and additions to the patterns you already love ready for the big April presentation to the Q – very exciting… speaking of exciting I am 99% done creating my facebook page – yippee, I cannot wait to chat with all of you in real time instead of only being able to post…

So whats new -mom and I are headed away for a few days next week – looking forward to possibly a little down time – things have just been so incredibly busy not only for myself but of course for mom – so this should be fun. Started getting back into my running and yoga – have to find time for that which usually consists of waking up at 5am to make sure I have time because as you all know once the day starts – it takes on a life of it’s own.  Just celebrated my godson’s 8th birthday – he asked for a go-cart and once my BFF threatened my life if I even considered it, he changed to a gift certificate to a sporting goods store so he could buy baseball cleats – how funny an 8 year old asking for a gift card – my niece actually just turned 3 and she of course wanted nothing but princess everything however her much younger brother wound up wearing the crown all day – hilarious!

Hope  this post finds you well – keep cooking and sharing all your ideas – we are all truly blessed!

Just checking in…

Hello temp-tationistas – hope you are surviving this crazy weather that everyone seems to blessed with – I can’t believe how much snow there is and ice keeps melting onto my front steps and I have to keep putting more salt down so no one falls…ah the joys of winter I guess – I actually do enjoy how beautiful everything looks once the snow comes but after it sits around awhile and turns dirty, I am over it!

My birthday was the 1st – yes I am an aquarian – true definition pretty much…had such a nice time, mom came down for the week and we got together with various friends from down here mostly from the Q of course, and they spoiled me rotten.  Last night I was surprised with a fabulous dinner in Philly arranged by my dear friend Deana. 8 of us had a great dinner then headed bowling at one of those swanky places with the couches and cool shoes – good food, great times and amazing friends – I am for sure blessed.  This Feb 11th will be 1 year since I lost my dad – mom, family and I are all going through the motions and managing the emotions…about 12 of us will go out to dinner at his favorite restaurant, the one we went to every single Saturday night for most of my childhood and where I was a hostess for about a year when I was 17, to reminisce and celebrate truly a wonderful life of a very special man…

So on a fun note – I have been designing like crazy – not sure if I mentioned but my next product presentation will be in April for items in the Fall and Spring – so keep your suggestions coming.  very exciting and I have been working on some really great concepts. I have gone crazy on the whole figural animal thing – I just think this line is so adorable…Glad everyone is enjoying the travel mugs – I absolutely love them – seems some customers thought these were like those silver travel mugs that help keep things cold for 8 hours – these are great double walled stoneware tumblers that by nature help keep hot/hot and cold/cold but these also look fabulous on your table. Just finished up the Christmas in July collection for 2011 (um adorable) and looking forward to my hour shows on 2/8 at 10pm EST (think polka dot microfiber towels and chicken measuring spoons) and Lisa will cover the 5am on 2/9…really looking forward to the Today Special Value at the end of March – so excited I am bursting!!

Working on my facebook page finally with Matt’s help of course – can’t wait to join the temp-tationista annoymous group 😉 and be able to talk to you all a bit more in real time instead of just blogging… see you soon! T

Its my bday and mom just made …

Its my bday and mom just made me my favorite breakfast

Check out the debut of my new …

Check out the debut of my new pattern “medallion” – completely solid and neutral!

What a great line up for the 1…

What a great line up for the 11am EST temp-tations show :) polka dot rooster and dinnerware are back!

To a happy and healthy new year!

Hello my fellow temp-tationistas – boy have I missed you…I actually took off about 10 days to be with mom over the holidays and I think I need to be re-trained :)  I really had a quiet and relaxing holiday filled of course with all the traditions, loved ones and lots of dessert – geez, I spend a lot of time throughout the year at the gym, yoga etc then in a matter of days eat enough to destroy a years worth of work…but I love it.  I was nervous about attending our Christmas eve church service – as many of you know this was my first Christmas without my dad and he sang in the choir and had one of the most beautiful voices – I wasn’t sure I would be able to hold it together but Mom also plays the hand bells so I went for the message and celebration of course but also to support her – all in all it was a magical evening – as I am sure you all knew it would be – happy I went!

So lets get to the exciting stuff – another year and plenty of new ideas to add to your collections.  This January QVC is doing a 24 hour cookevent on 1/19 – I will have (2) 1 hour shows that day,  11am and 7pm EST – I am thinking lots of new.  As soon as I find out I will let all of you know.  Would love to hear how your holidays were, how all your food turned out and of course that you slowed down a bit from your hectic schedule and enjoyed your family and those that you love!

Here’s to a “temp-ting” 2011…..

Waiting on an air date for the…

Waiting on an air date for the old world cookie jar…I didn’t forget about you!

Temp-tations,Polka dot and coo…

Temp-tations,Polka dot and cookie jar lovers tune in at 10am today w Carolyn on QVC- adorable!

Sorry Santa’s sleigh didn’t ma…

Sorry Santa’s sleigh didn’t make it, the travel mugs WILL NOT be on this weekend – sorry!

Happy Thanksgiving….

To all my temp-tationistas out there, and I consider that all of you who read this…I just wanted to say on a long list of things I am grateful for this season you have truly been a source of great joy and happiness! I am not quite sure you will ever realize the impact hearing from all of you has on me – we are connected not only through temp-tations but the stories and moments we all share together here on this page….by the way I was on temp-tationistas anonymous and some of your hutches and displays are just… AWESOME! I was thinking it would be fun to some how compile all of them and show them here on the site…sounds like another job for Matt along with putting up new patterns to vote on…ah all the ideas – sometimes I exhaust myself :)

Well hopefully you are enjoying all your new goodies that I have been showing recently – have to say that folding hostess  table came out absolutely beautiful – hope everyone finds it easy to use.  I promised I would tell you when the double walled old world travel mugs would be on….yup this weekend – looks like 4pm EST on 11/27 and 12 Noon EST in the kitchen with David on 11/28 – all come in gift boxes – think they came out great! Some more inside scoop – looks like tentatively, a new hour will be added on 12/5 at 7am, it is different in your program guide so just a heads up…

Mom is coming down tomorrow through Monday with her turkey and all the fixings – I am already full just thinking about it…! Would love to hear what all of you are thankful for this season if you could take a minute – I am blessed with a wonderful family, great friends (see my first paragraph) and hopefully a few quarters…


Big show tonight at 6pm – 2 ne…

Big show tonight at 6pm – 2 new old world items – wine bag and collapsible table :)

Just checking in…

Hello my friends – it has certainly been a busy couple of weeks – hopefully I keep coming up with ideas to make your life easier or at least to gift and make that persons life easier. I have been working on a lot of new designs and trying to incorporate all of your wonderful suggestions…so I know there are some outstanding requests that I would like to answer…

Yes Travel mugs should be out the first week of Dec – I will tweet or blog to let you know when we have a final date and some very exciting new items in both polka dot and old world…hey speaking of that how did you like offering two patterns on the last Todays Special Value – that has been a big request of yours and I was wondering what you thought!

Yes I have a gravy boat/butter dish coming out the first half of 2011 along with the most adorable egg tray ever! I finished up an apron in a fabric gift box – perfect mom’s day gift however my mom already has hers – one of the benefits of knowing the designer ha ha – she gets to be my “test center” on a lot of things….I just gave her this shallow baker with fabulous dome lid, she roasted a chicken and raved about it – that dome can flip over to be a bowl – pretty cool – you will see that in 2011 as well.

I know you are saying forget about 2011 what can I have now…I promise lots of fun new things on the horizon. Once I know when we have a date to launch I will keep you posted.

So Thanksgiving is right around the corner – Mom is going to come down and cook for me – gotta love her and a few of the QVC folks are joining us – it’s going to be tough without my dad – first holiday and one of his absolute favorites – blessings to all we have, blessing to all of you and your extraordinary hearts – not quite sure you will ever know how hearing from you -especially my fashionistas, means to me and I am continually fascinated to get stopped at the mall, airport etc and someone tell me how much they love temp-tations – WOW and WOW that is awesome and renders me usually speechless which to know me, is a huge deal.

Spoke to my BFF Amy, must go order some princess canopy for the my God daughter – she turns 6 in December…she calls me her “fairy godmother” gotta love kids

Having a fun day at the Q – la…

Having a fun day at the Q – launching floral lace dinnerware at 9pm EST – don’t wait not many to go around!

Putting the finishing touches on the upcoming Today’s Special Value

Hello to all you temp-tationistas out there – have I told you how much I love that expression – I think I have used it about 100 times since hearing it…yeah you are probably right, that might be underestimating it a bit – more like 1000 times :) I have truly enjoyed the facebook site and love to see the way you all display your pieces – I have gotten great ideas on some of the new concepts and pieces you would like to add to your collection – be sure to tune in at midnight on 10/28, I am sending you all a shout out!

Hope you all enjoyed the 24 hour cookevent QVC just recently had – I know many wanted to see more new in Old World – I think you will be pleasantly surprised on the 28th – not only the TSV but also other items through out the day – 4 hours of total programming and in the 9pm show I will be debuting my new food line.  I worked on 3 recipes that mom always made and recreated them – I am so excited for you to try these…think decadent mac & cheese, a fabulous appetizer and of course crisp apple goodness that you can cook and serve in your temp-tations!!

As for the Todays Special Value I could not be more excited – I think it is the perfect (and affordable) gift to others and of course to yourself – I really put my design skills to the test on this one.  Just finished up the B-roll at the Q the other day and set styling etc – so much goes into the preparation of how it all looks and being a total type A personality – It has to be perfect…now starts the stress of what to wear – aren’t we funny – leave nothing to chance…I CANNOT wait to hear what you think..of course I am nervous – I always want to exceed your expectations.

Thank you friends for keeping me going, for picking me up when I am having a bad day and for genuinely making me smile…going home to spend the weekend with mom – think both of us are in need of a little mom/daughter time, my dad was just such a force that he’s missed in even the littlest things – its times like these around big events and event days at the Q that we would chat endlessly and he would make me laugh and put all in perspective… I could really use a QUARTER right now :)

Can’t wait to spend the 28th with you!  XOXO Tara