Floral Lace Winter Pattern Background Downloads!

Give your desktop, mobile phone or cover photo a holiday look with temp-tations Floral Lace Winter pattern.

It’s a beautiful new way to add the colors of the holiday season to your Old World collection, and your desktop :)

Download it now: Facebook Cover image |Desktop image | Mobile Phone image

Get instructions on how to update your desktop background (mac or Windows PC), mobile phone or cover photo by clicking on the links.

Add the festive feel of the Floral Lace Winter pattern to your Floral Lace collection and table with the 3-qt. Oval Baker with Limitless Lid-It® or the 4-qt. Mixing Bowl with Matching Whisk & Recipe Cards from temp-tations.com.

Floral Lace Winter Desktop Image

Seasonal Pattern Downloads!

Add temp-tations seasonal flair to your  mobile phone, desktop or facebook cover photo. Click the links below for beautiful pattern downloads in Harvest, Fallfetti, Poinsettia and Floral Lace Winter!  Enjoy!

Harvest Pattern Downloads

Fallfetti Pattern Downloads

Poinsettia Pattern Downloads

Floral Lace Winter Pattern Downloads

Seasonal Patterns-2

Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day!

Celebrate national chocolate chip day with these delicious temp-tations chocolate chip recipe favorites.

NTL Chocolate Chip DayChocolate Marshmallow Pizza

Pecan Chocolate Pie Bars

German Chocolate Cake Bars

Chocolate Chip Pound Cake



Happy National Nista Day!

Can you believe it? This month marks temp-tations’ 11th Anniversary! Yes, 11 years of your favorite patterns, delicious family recipes and – most importantly – amazing feedback and support from YOU!

I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible community that has sprung up around temp-tations. You’re more like family, really. Whether you’re on Facebook, Pinterest, chatting in-person, on-line or on-air, your enthusiasm and ideas are what keep me going.

Temp-tations is, and will always be, inspired by you, and for you. You’re the reason I keep pushing myself to develop new patterns and pieces designed to make mealtimes easier and family memories more enjoyable for all.

Still, there are times I’ve had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Like the first time I heard a fan call herself a temp-tationista…I was floored! Then the male fans joined the bandwagon (as a temp-tationisters, of course). Before I knew it, there were thousands of fans proudly declaring themselves Nistas or Nisters.

And that’s why we’re celebrating National Nista Day today! Because without you, temp-tations would never be what it is today – not just a way to prep, cook and serve beautiful meals, but a way to celebrate life, family and the good times we share together.

In Honor of National Nista Day, I asked all our temp-tationistas and temp-tationisters to send in their best dessert recipes. Meghan Schnetzler submitted my favorite, so I crowned her Honorary Head Nista. One peek at her winning Butter Pecan Heath Bar Cake recipe and I think you’ll see why!recipe-contest-a

I can’t think of a yummier way to celebrate 11 years of great food, great memories and the amazing people who inspire it all. Here’s to many, many more years ahead!

Great Springtime Recipes

Serve an eggcellent feast with these great springtime recipes!

Springtime Recipes

temp-tations® Deviled Eggs

Twice Baked Mashed Potatoes

Bird Nest Cupcakes

Herb Roasted Chicken Legs

40 Favorite Fan Photos on Pinterest, from temp-tations®

birthday cake on Floral Lace Platter

On February 1st, I’m turning 40! And as I reflect on this big birthday and all I have to be thankful for, I want to take the time to thank you - for all of the amazing ways you continue to offer support, encouragement, ideas and inspiration :-) So in your honor, I’ve gathered together 40 of my favorite fan photos and added them to a special temp-tations® Pinterest board called 40 Favorite Fan Photos.

Follow Temp-tations by Tara McConnell’s board 40 Favorite Fan Photos on Pinterest.

Some are yummy dishes you’ve whipped up, some show the ways you love to mix and match different temp-tations® patterns and colors, some are displays of your beautiful collections and some are simply artful ways to use individual pieces.

Re-pin your favorites and keep posting your own photos to Pinterest and my Facebook page. Let’s all enjoy them together!



A Big Birthday, Valentine’s Love & Beautiful New Sentiment Bowls from temp-tations®

Daughter Sentiment Bowl

On February 1st, I’m having a birthday….yes, I’m turning the big 4-0! And I want everyone to get in on the fun of celebrating it. Of course, it couldn’t come at a better time – because I think you’re going to fall head over heels in love with these gorgeous new Sentiment BowlsThey happily celebrate the women in our lives with charming “recipes” written for the perfect daughter, mother and grandmother.

temp-tations® Sentiment Bowls

The warm and whimsical recipe sentiments featured in the bottom of each bowl remind us what’s important in life, love, and in the kitchen. And how lucky we are to have family ties. What better way to show your mom, daughter or grandmother what she really means to you? Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, her birthday, Mother’s Day, or any day of the year – when you give her one of these bowls, you can be sure she’ll be tickled pink.

temp-tations® Sentiment Bowls

And there’s no shortage of great gifts on temp-tations.com! Here are just a few:

Bella 6-pc. Oven-to-Table Set

Old World Vivid Mugs

Floral Lace Pitcher & Platter Set

Valentine's Day Gift ideas from temp-tations®


temp-tations® Pinterest boards and pins – Tara McConnell’s official Pinterest board

Do you love Pinterest as much as I do? I use it to pin all kinds of great ideas for delicious recipes, new products, fun ways to decorate and entertain, and wonderful gift suggestions, just to name a few! And I think you’ll enjoy looking at temp-tations Pinterest boards when you’re planning menus and holiday celebrations of all kinds!

Visit Temp-tations by Tara McConnell’s profile on Pinterest.


Temp-tations® Best of Baking Pinterest Board


Follow Temp-tations by Tara McConnell’s board Chocolate Lovers on Pinterest.


Temp-tations® Chocolate Lovers Pinterest Board


Follow Temp-tations by Tara McConnell’s board Chocolate Lovers on Pinterest.


Temp-tations® Cozy Fall Coking Pinterest Board


Follow Temp-tations by Tara McConnell’s board Chocolate Lovers on Pinterest.


You’ll find temp-tations Pinterest boards that are dedicated to Holiday Time, Most Popular Recipes, The Best of Baking, Cozy Fall Cooking, Easy Party Dips and Movie Night Treats, as well as Great Ideas for the Pitcher & Platter SetGame-Day Munchies, Chocolate Lovers and so much more!

Follow temp-tations Pinterest boards, get inspired and re-pin your faves to your own Pinterest boards. But be forewarned, it’s a pastime that can keep you looking, smiling and clicking for longer than you intended ;-)

temp-tations® by Tara

New! Doggie Bowls for our Furry Friends from temp-tations®

temp-tations® Doggie bowls with matching rack and wipe-clean mat

What a special treat for all of our 4-legged friends! Fozzie (my little companion) and I are so happy to introduce brand new temp-tations dog bowls with a matching rack and wipe-clean mat, in honor of Fozzie’s 1st birthday :-) We’ve taken the popular Old World pattern and updated it with an adorable paw print and dog bone motif – and we’ve made it available in two sizes – tiny and small.  The whole idea is enough to make your pup run in circles and bark for more.

temp-tations® dog bowls with matching rack and wipe-clean mat

The rack (also with the bone motif!) raises the dog bowls off the floor, and the wipe-clean mat is made of flexible, slip-resistant foam backing that protects your floor. It features an easy-wipe, waterproof surface that prevents leak-through, and keeps your dog’s feeding area super clean.

So show your pet some love and get shopping. I mean, if you deserve to eat out of temp-tations, doesn’t  your dog? Woof.


Follow Fozzie Back to the USA for Today’s Special Value on QVC

Fozzie_FB QVC Reveal

Back in the USA!!

I sneaked past the front desk, because as you know, I’m not allowed in the QVC studio. But I’m a master of disguise…if anyone asks, my name is Jacques, and I have a very important meeting today, wink wink.

I’m a little jet lagged – can you believe they don’t serve Snausages in coach? Ridiculous. I’m starving. Maybe David has some…

Anyways, I made it back just in the nick of time for TODAY’S SPECIAL VALUE. Told you I was ending up somewhere truly SPECIAL.

Mom is debuting the New temp-tations® Sweet & Savory 10-pc. Baking Set and showing all sorts of French-flavored dishes inspired by her trip. And I thought I should be here of course, to put my best French accent and Parisian style to good use – to get everyone in the mood.

Where’s my director’s chair? Lights, camera, bon appetit!

Follow Monsieur Fozzie in Paris: Sightsee from a Sidewalk Cafe & Enjoy Praline Croissant Bread Pudding


I mean, is it too much to ask for a taller chair? Garcon…garcon…?

Oh well. So I hear breakfast here is all about the bread and pastries. Simple. Delicious…but I’m going to need about 6 of these to go, please.

Mom and Granny wanted to find a fun way to use croissants in a recipe, which mom says she ate just about every morning. But it’s so simply perfect for breakfast.”Don’t mess with it,” I said!

So naturally, we made it into a dessert. Open wide for this indulgent take on bread pudding.

Get the recipe for Praline Croissant Bread Pudding now. All I have to say is, “Woooooooooof.”

Now, what does a pup have to do to get some coffee around here? I have somewhere special to be at midnight, and need my espresso! …Garcon?

Follow Monsieur Fozzie in Paris: Visit The Eiffel Tower & Enjoy a Caramel Apple Tartine


Well, here we are. Finally. The Eiffel Tower, or as the French (like me) like to say, “Le Tour Eiffel”.

The most recognizable French icon…ain’t she a beauty? If my legs weren’t so small, I’d climb the stairs…but that’s like Everest to a lil dog like me. So the elevator it is.

In honor of this stop on the tour, we want to share a new way to whip up perhaps one of the most recognizable American icons of all time. The Apple Pie.

Check out Mom’s new recipe inspired by the numerous (and I mean numerous) apple tartines she ate here in Paris…mixed with an American favorite – the Caramel Apple.

Get the Caramel Apple Tartine recipe here. Sounds “Eiffelly” delicious. Get it…?

Follow Monsieur Fozzie in Paris: See the American Embassy & The New Red, White & Blue Party Set

Fozzie_FB Embassy Americana

Ok, so just like when Mom drops me off at Camp Bowow, I have to say, I am getting a little homesick. Especially since I wandered past the American embassy today and saw the red, white and blue flying high.

Don’t get me wrong. Paris is lovely, and the people are so nice…everyone is giving me treats and telling me how utterly Parisian I look in my beret. But I miss the good ol’ US of A.

So I thought I’d celebrate the homeland with a brand new piece of temp-tations that is sure to make you proud to be…or eat, like an American, on any red, white and blue holiday, or any day of the year!

Get ready to shop for it here starting Monday morning (8/19)!

And now, a song. Oooooooh say can you eaaaaaaaaaat.

Follow Monsieur Fozzie in Paris: Visit Joan of Arc & Enjoy French Onion Muffins

Fozzie_FB Joan Onion Puff

Ok, totally not supposed to be up here, but it looked comfortable, and I wanted a better view…

Plus, I wanted to ask her a very important question. I mean, being a hero and all, she must get hungry. And I want to know where to find the best French Onion Soup in town.

Mom said she tried at least 4 different versions, but I mean, I want to know what Joan thinks. So I’m gonna wait here until she starts talkin’, and in the meantime, you guys check out how mom got inspired by the flavors of this iconic cheesy goodness.

Get the French Onion Muffins recipe now. Zut alor!

Follow Monsieur Fozzie in Paris: See Monet’s Gardens & Enjoy A Croque Monsieur Casserole


Ahhh, Monet’s Gardens. I love a good garden. Usually, my favorite thing to do in a garden is to go Oui Oui, but this place is just too beautiful for that, if I may say so myself. And mom might not be pleased…

Did I just over-share? Sorry.

I try to be a gentleman, or should I say a “monsieur”, as they say here in France. But sometimes I slip up.

Speaking of…one of mom’s favorite things to eat here is something called a Croque Monsieur, which is kind of a fancy grilled cheese. She took inspiration from this traditional French sandwich and came up with a fun new spin on it – turning it into a casserole.

Check out the Croque Monsieur Casserole recipe here. Bon Appetit!

Follow Monsieur Fozzie in Paris: See The Mona Lisa & Enjoy a BLT Quiche

Fozzie_FB mona quiche

Ok, normally they don’t let my breed in here, but I pulled the cute card.

I had to check out this Mona Lisa chick, and figure out why she is so…unhappy. I thought simple standing in front of her, making my best cute face, would do the trick. But it’s not working, and I’m wondering who she’s staring at? She hasn’t moved since I got here.

Maybe this new BLT Quiche recipe will cheer her up. The French love the quiche, and mom added some American flair.

I’ll just leave it right here. I’ve got places to be, and I don’t think she likes me…

Follow Monsieur Fozzie in Paris & See Where He Ends Up On August 21st

Fozzie_FB Paris Arc Intro

Bonjour! I know what you’re thinking. Where do they make tiny dog berets, right? No idea. Ask my mother.

This week, I’m woofing my way through France at some of my Mom’s favorite sites, from her recent birthday trip with Granny.

All she talks about is how inspired she was by the Parisian cuisine and French flavors while she was there. So I had to check this place out for myself. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining about the fact that every once in a while a crumble of Gruyére cheese makes it way from her plate to my mouth. But I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

So follow me around over the next five days. I’ll be sharing some peeks of her new recipes that’ll make you say “Ooh la la!”

And see where I end up on August 21st – somewhere truly SPECIAL.

Today’s Special Value on QVC! New temp-tations® Old World Vivid and Floral Lace Handpainted Stoneware 16-pc. Dinnerware Sets


Join me today on QVC, and see these new ceramic dinnerware sets in fresh new patterns!

Bold, modern, more graphic interpretations of my traditional patterns, both Old World Vivid and Floral Lace make a beautiful statement.


They look fabulous on their own or when mixed & matched with the Old World or Floral Lace dinnerware you already treasure.

The perfect way to go bold and set a gorgeous spring table!

Shop now at QVC.com.

Today’s QVC Schedule:

12 am ET | 3 am ET | 7 am ET | 10 am ET | 12 pm ET | 3 pm ET | 6 pm ET

Old World Vivid and Bold Floral Lace 16-pc. Ceramic Dinnerware Sets include: 

  • four 10 1/2″ Dinner Plates
  • four 8″ Salad Plates
  • four 6 1/2″, 28-oz. Bowls
  • four 16-oz. Mugs

The salad plates feature a lovely new scalloped edge, and the bigger mugs hold a generous 16 ounces of your favorite beverage!


Get it in Old World Vivid Green, Blue, Black, Cranberry, Confetti, Red, Brown and Spice.

Shop now at QVC.com.


Get it in Floral Lace Blue, Cranberry, Red, Green, Spice, Black, Chocolate and Light Blue.

Shop now at QVC.com.

Creating beautiful stoneware that feels special to my customers

When I started temp-tations, the goal was to create beautiful pieces of stoneware that would feel special to my customers – pieces that were handcrafted and hand painted from raw materials like clay and natural pigments. I didn’t want to settle for total uniformity in look and feel.

That’s why I love the detail and individual workmanship that goes into the process. Each piece is touched by a skilled artisan – so no two will ever be alike. That’s part of the charm of temp-tations – making each piece unique and collectible.


Our artisans have been hand painting ceramics for years, and each has his or her own styleresulting in varied brushstrokes that make every piece one of a kind. Brushes, stamps, and sponges are used to create beautiful patterns and designs, with occasional variations in the density and depth of color. Every piece is slightly different, but together, they compliment each other wonderfully.

I hope you love the distinctive character and spirit of temp-tations as much as I do.  Learn more about our story and the inspiration behind temp-tations. 

Yippee! It’s temp-tations® 10th Anniversary

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since it all began! So many wonderful times and memories we’ve shared over the years, all with the idea of bringing your kitchen and your cooking to life – with beautiful, multi-functional temp-tations dinnerware and bakeware.


TT_Open_Stock temp-tations® Old World Dinnerware and Bakeware 


I’ve always worked hard to bring you the very best pieces, patterns and colors – hoping to help you simplify your life, cook effortlessly, and create a gorgeous table that makes dinnertime special again.

I’m humbled by temp-tations’ success and want to thank YOU for making it all possible. Your feedback, encouragement and requests inform every decision we make, and I promise to continue to surprise and delight you with new things – from new sets, patterns and colors to new recipes, tips and decorating ideas!

Are you an Old World fan, a Floral Lace fan, a Polka Dot fan, or do you love some of the other patterns? It’s always wonderful to hear from you. Please leave a comment below!

In honor of our 10th anniversary, we’ve just added a new batch of limited-quantity retired pieces! So shop new arrivals now, because when they’re gone, they’re gone ;)


TT_10th_Annivers._Products temp-tations® 10th Anniversary Specialty Items 


temp-tations® Snowflake Mugs – Show Me Your “Mug Shot”

This holiday season, celebrate with friends and family by saying “cheers” to the perfect holiday gift: generously-sized mugs, only available at the temp-tations Marketplace.

One of my favorite holiday pastimes is sharing hot cocoa or apple cider with friends and family on cold winter evenings. And here’s my “mug shot” to prove it ;)

So, now it’s your turn! Show me your holiday “mug shot” ;) That way, we can say “cheers” to each other from across the miles.

Here’s how to do it:
1) Shop for the Exclusive Snowflake Mugs Set today, and save 15% when you buy two or more sets!* (Additional sets make great gifts for family, friends, teachers, neighbors, and any one else who could enjoy a little extra warmth this holiday season.)
2) Give the Snowflake Mugs to someone special.
3) Take a photo saying “cheers” with the mugs.
4) Post your “mug shot” to my Facebook page.

We’ll gather the photos together and create a wonderful collection of “mug shots” here on temp-tations.com! It’s a fun way to say cheers to each other, to the holiday season, and to a happy new year. What better way to share the holiday spirit.

Need more holiday gift ideas?

Don’t miss out on these must-have, retired Specialty Items brought back in limited quantities. They’re new arrivals!

You’ll love the generously-sized Heritage 5-pc. Bowl Set, the Trellis 9-pc. Oven-to-Table Set, the adorable Polka Dot Heart-Shaped Plate and Mug Set (so fun!) and the Williamsburg Set of 3 Octagonal Batter Bowls.

*Savings of 15% when you buy two or more sets of Snowflake Mugs applies only to multiple sets of Snowflake Mugs purchased within the same order.

Holiday Feasts: Every temp-tations® Dish You Need

As you go about selecting recipes for your holiday feasts, it’s a good time to size up your temp-tations collection and see if you’ve got all the pieces and sizes you’ll need to set your holiday table in style.

I like to take out all the pieces that I’d like to use for my holiday feast, and spread them out on my dining room table. Then I write the name of each recipe or dish we’ll be serving on post-it notes, and match the post-it note to the right size baker or serving piece. This is a great way to get organized and figure out what you might still need.

It’s times like the holidays when large temp-tations sets really come in handy by offering so much versatility. If you’re looking to serve salad, bread, a main course or two, a handful of side dishes, dessert, sauces, and gravies, the best way to get that gorgeous unified look is with a large temp-tations set. Menu planning doesn’t get any easier that that!

But large sets are wonderful for so many other reasons. A large set contains all those essential pieces that you’ll use not just at holiday time, but day in and day out as well. You’ll be able replace any mismatched pieces you’ve been wanting to replace, and if you have a big family or like to entertain a lot, you’ll reach for the pieces in a large set even more often ;)

Holiday Feasts: The Guest List

It’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays and planning your holiday feasts. It’s such a wonderful time to spend with loved ones, making memories and reconnecting with each other over special meals.

I like to start by making guest lists – whether they’re made up of friends or family, or a nice combination of both. Maybe there’s someone different you’d like to include this year – someone who isn’t able to join their own family out of town or is new to your neighborhood? Extending ourselves and showing hospitality to others helps us count our blessings, make new friends and show gratitude. It really does warm the heart :)

Get the inside scoop on my new temp-tations® 16-pc. Outdoor Dinnerware Set from someone who has put it to the test.

My friend Julie is one of our web producers, and here’s what she has to say about the new TT melamine outdoor dinnerware set ;)

Check out her beautiful pics and comments below.

Julie: “I bought the brown Old World and brown Polka Dot for myself, and gave the yellow Old World to my mom – so that we could share, as well as mix and match. They look so fresh and fun together. Can’t wait to use it all summer long and beyond.”

Julie: “I love big salads with everything in them but the kitchen sink. The more colorful, the better – kinda like my TTs :) In this one, I combined romaine lettuce with edamame, shaved carrot, cherry tomatoes, red onion, purple cabbage, and yellow bell pepper for a beautiful look and great, crunchy texture. And I really appreciate that the plates and bowls are so generously sized.”

Julie: “TT melamine, as modeled by my 7 year old, who is about to devour Flatbread with Parmesan & Honey. I love that it’s so kid-friendly, no matter how many times he drops it. Can’t wait to get rid of my mish-mash collection of kiddie-style plastic plates and bowls and just use this.”

Julie: “Really enjoyed our delicious family BBQ – especially the Grilled Chicken & Veggie Kabobs and Tara’s Mo’ Rockin’ Casserole from her new cookbook. (It’s Israeli couscous with apricots, cranberries, and almonds. Note: I didn’t have dried apricots, so I substituted apple!) Yum. Everyone served themselves, visited with each other, and mingled – which was easy because the plates are so lightweight and effortless to carry. I’m already thinking about all the casual buffet-style parties I’m going to host where these dishes will work beautifully – holiday lunch buffets, football parties, pizza parties, playdates and more.”

(Note: See Tara’s Mo’ Rockin’ Casserole from her new cookbook below. Sooooo good.)

Shop for the Old World or Polka Dot 16-pc. Outdoor Dinnerware Set today.

Christmas in July

Happy Christmas in July – can’t wait to show you the new polka dot mugs and new items in the snowflake pattern you love tomorrow..Just wanted to give you a better look at the upcoming Todays Special Value- I am so excited and just learned we will start our 2 hour show at 11pm on 7/26 then go straight into the TSV at midnight on the 27th and guess who my host for the two big hours will be..yup you guessed it…DAVID – so excited!

Join Temp-tations on QVC: July…

Join Temp-tations on QVC: July 27th – http://eepurl.com/eTANQ

Clearance price old world lunc…

Clearance price old world lunch totes at 12:10 EST today and Free shipping on our largest polka dot set – 2pm ish EST today – yippee!

Tune in at 10:30pm “ish” to se…

Tune in at 10:30pm “ish” to see a brand new vintage paisley!! So excited…Cucina is on at 10pm

Getting ready for a big 4th of…

Getting ready for a big 4th of July par-tay!!happy 4th everyone

Please follow me on face book …

Please follow me on face book – temp-tations by Tara McConnell – I am much better at updating that :)