temp-tations Calendar

July 2014


Gifts for the Cook @ 3:00 am est

  • K41101: Temp-tations 3-piece Holiday Canister Storage Set
  • H200672: Temp-tations Gingerbread Platter with Metal Cookie Cutter
  • K39854: Temp-tations 13-piece Limitless Lid-It Oven to Table Set with Gift Boxes
  • K39870: Temp-tations Set of 4 Insulated Foldable Totes with Gift Boxes

Temp-tations Presentable Kitchen @ 1:00 pm est

  • H202760: Temp-tations Figural Tea for One Set
  • K40531: Temp-tations Gingerbread Measuring Spoons and Sleigh Holder
  • K39854: Temp-tations 13-piece Limitless Lid-it Oven to Table Set with Gift Boxes
  • K40922: Temp-tations Figural Angel Pie Dish with Server
  • H202821: Temp-tations Figural Angel 3 Section Dip Bowl
  • H202762: Temp-tations Figural Set of 2 16-oz Mug Set
  • H204390: Temp-tations Set of 3 Holiday Sentiments Serving Bowls

Temp-tations Holiday Home Decor @ 7:00 pm est

  • H203416: Temp-tations Winter Whimsy Ceramic Shade & Plate with 2 14oz Candles
  • H203489: Temp-tations Set of 3 Porcelain Tree Luminaries with Gift Box
  • H203487: Temp-tations Battery Operated Angel Snowglobe with Gift Box
  • H203383: Temp-tations 23oz Ceramic Holiday Figural Candle with Gift Box
  • H203488: Temp-tations 5-piece Bakers Ornament Set with Gift Box
  • H203270: Temp-tations 50-piece E-Z Drawstring Holiday Gift Bag Set
  • H203490: Temp-tations Set of 3 Porcelain Candle Luminaries with Gift Box
  • H204273: Temp-tations Ceramic Inspirational Holiday Letters
  • H203380: Temp-tations Set of 3 8oz Teapot Candles with Gift Boxes

August 2014


In the Kitchen with David @ 12:00 pm est

  • K40326: Temp-tations Old World Bamboo Top Folding Kitchen Cart
  • K39787: Temp-tations Floral Lace Set of 3 Framed Edge Baker Set

Temp-tations Presentable Kitchen @ 1:00 am est

  • Items: TBA

Temp-tations Presentable Kitchen @ 7:00 pm est

  • Items: TBA